Students of the Month

October 2019

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This prospective Start Student of the Month, LeAntron Jenkins, has shown great maturity and growth this semester.  LeAntron knows that with new beginnings comes that maturity and growth - growth in which he is well aware of and doesn’t hesitate to share with others on how things have come about for him at RISE.  He has continuously met and exceeded his weekly goal in multiple classes.  As of this week, he is in the process of completing his second class. 

LeAntron has displayed the PBIS expectations by being respectful towards our Educational Staff and his peers.  He enters the building and speaks to everyone around, no matter what mood he is in.  If he has a question, he politely raises his hand to speak to the teacher.  He shows responsibility by completing assignmentLJs timely and through the action of returning his progress folder.  When working on assignments with his teachers, he’s attentive and does not hesitate to ask questions.  He is always focused and appreciates the help.  LeAntron helps out staff by assisting with carrying heavy items or delivering things to the front office when asked.  LeAntron is remarkable as he is aware that he is seen as a leader amongst our young men and has been observed to be an example of achievement.  

His effort in the classroom has motivated his peers to be exceptional students here at RISE. LeAntron has proven to be what it takes to be Star Student of Month.

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mc“Welcome to RISE and how are you feeling today?” is a warm greeting that many visitors get from one of our most distinguished students here at RISE.  This student does not hesitate to get out of his seat to greet someone.

“I can help you with that,” is a comment that his peers hear him say daily.  He is willing to take time from making his daily progress to help others.

“I brought snacks for the breakroom,” shows the generosity that he has for everyone.

Marcus Curran is currently an eleventh grader here at RISE Academy.  He is also the Secretary of the Student Ambassadors and a good peer to his classmates.  Even with being involved, Marcus has always met or exceeded his weekly goals.  He has been Responsible by bringing his progress report folder back in a timely manner.  Marcus has completed all of his first semester courses but has decided to stay around to help his peers when they need assistance.

Mr. Curran is also Respectful and Remarkable when he enters the building.  He follows the procedures of RISE and when given the opportunity, Marcus explains to new students the procedures and rules of RISE Academy.  His attendance is impeccable.

A character trait that stands out and describes Marcus well would be honesty.  Marcus will most definitely give you his honest opinion in regards to any situation. Mr. Curran demonstrates initiative and integrity by being the first to volunteer for a task or by making sure he does the right thing when no one is looking.

Mr. Leader (Marcus Curran) is an excellent role model for students at RISE Academy and a great candidate for Student of The Month.

September 2019

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All of the students at RISE come in and learn our culture and become accustomed to the environment here.  They know and strive to meet our expectations: Respectful, Responsible, and Remarkable.  However, there is one student that has done so quicker than most.

Brayden has been an exceptional student since his start at RISE Academy.  From the moment he entered our building, he has met and exceeded expectations. With a positive attitude and hard work to match, he has proved his highest potential academically and behaviorally.  Brayden is always meeting or exceeding his weekly goals.  Additionally, he always attempts to work independently first, and he is most often successful!  In just two short weeks, he had already completed part A of 8th grade math.

Being respectful, responsible and remarkable are what seems to be everyday expectations for Brayden. It seems that he is so accustomed to them that they come naturally.  He follows school rules and school procedures without being prompted.  He is always respectful to staff when entering the building and is sure to raise his hand to asks questions during class.  In order to remain responsible, Brayden completes assignments and returns weekly progress reports.  His entire demeanor is remarkable and is a great example for the students around him.
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Motivated, Dedicated, Reliable, and Committed are qualities I would use to describe this Star Student of the Month.  Meeting goals has been an understatement this semester; this student has surpassed every goal set every week.  She has accomplished completing two semester courses, two yearlong courses and finally in the process of completing U.S. History.  She takes the initiative to help Advisors as well as peers.  She has made it her duty to make sure that her peers have their Daily Data log to start their afternoon. Who is this person we are speaking of?  It is none other than Miss. Emily Padgett.

Ms. Padgett represents RISE Academy by being Respectful, Responsible, and Remarkable on a daily basis.  She greets everyone with a warm smile and immediately begins her work for the day.  When requested to participate in something she may not be comfortable with, Ms. Padgett always comes through. Thus far, Emily has been to school every day.

Of the students that we have at RISE Academy, Emily is one that is persistent and consistent with the things that she does.  She shows compassion to her fellow classmates by helping them with assignments, and she has taken the initiative to work with others on completing portfolios in the US History course. Emily is a true example of a Star Student of the Month
E. P

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Change has definitely been in the atmosphere here at RISE Academy.  This semester has been the start of great change for Nykearia Stanley.  Usually very quiet and nonchalant, Nykearia now exemplifies what it takes to be a STAR Student.

When it comes down to her work, nothing can get in her way of making adequate progress.  She has even taken the initiative to attend an evening session after missing her normal school hours.  By exceeding her weekly goals, Nykearia has completed three full year classes and part A of three classes.N.S

Nykearia is continuously demonstrating the PBIS expectations.  She is respectful during check-in and when speaking and responding to staff.  By completing assignments, exceeding her goals and returning her progress report on time, she is also responsible.  Following all academic and behavior expectations, shows just how remarkable she is.  

Nykearia demonstrates true citizenship as she displays positive character and even encourages her classmates to complete their goals and classes.

August 2019

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In just one short month, Candise Lusk has taken the initiative in exceeding all of the expectations of RISE Academy.  She has been Respectful, Responsible and Remarkable in all that she does.  

Staff members along with Candise’s peers are able to experience a high level of respect displayed by Candise on a daily basis.  When we have visitors in the building, she continues to be respectful as she takes things to the next level by greeting, welcoming, and introducing herself. 

Being responsible has also been a habit in Candise’s daily and weekly routines.  She returns all necessary documents in a timely manner, and she is sure to stay on top of her progress for the week. 

Being responsible has led to many achievements for Candise.  She has completed Part A of Math and is also on her way to completing Part A of ELA.  Candise’s determination is just one of many things that makes her Remarkable.  She is determined to complete all of her courses and is determined to make a difference. 

On top of her completing and exceeding her goals, completing classes, and being a welcoming voice here at RISE, Candise rarely misses a day of school.  Her attendance is of importance to her and it shows how motivated she is to go above and beyond the expectations of RISE Academy.
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As her Senior year began, Ms. Ridley has demonstrated an immense amount of determination since day one. With only five senior classes to complete, I knew this Star Student had the ability to quickly complete these classes by September. Here we are at the end of August, and she is down to one class at 84 % completion.

Academically, she exceeds her weekly goals which is evident in the completion of 4 out of 5 classes.  Her potential is so noticeable that other students strive to keep up with her weekly progress and course completion.  She clearly demonstrates academic leadership with her peers. 
When we; as staff, discuss students being Respectdul, Responsible, and Remarkable, Sharlina Ridley is the first person that comes to mind. Ms. Ridley is a student that greets staff with a "Ma'am or Sir", will ask if you need any help, and is willing to help her classmates as well. Ms. Ridley is one student that will greet visitors without being prompted; her warm smile shows visitors that they are welcomed at RISE Academy. Ms. Ridley is atrue role model for her peers, and she demonstrates the expectations of what it means to be a Star Student at RISE Academy. Thruthfully, she goes above and beyond our expectations.

Ms. Ridley has expressed she feels RISE Academy is a learning environment where she can best achieve academic success.  As a result, she has set her own goals and works diligently to achieve those goals.  Equally as important, she has inspired those around her to make goals for themselves and work to achieve them! 

These are just a few of the many reasons why Ms. Ridley exemplifies what it means to be a STAR Student at RISE Academy


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“If it doesn’t challenge you, it won’t change you!” I believe this quote is extremely fitting for Mr. Tariek Porter. 

As he has become accustomed to the expectations of RISE Academy, he has learned to work hard towards all of his goals.  Tariek shows that he loves a challenge and has taken on the role of making things happen. During his time here at RISE, I believe that Mr. Porter has realized that he can challenge himself.  He has grown in so many ways and it shows, not only to us, but to himself as well. 

Mr. Porter is Respectful, Responsible and Remarkable.  Respectful because he enters the building and greets staff and remains quiet in effort to not distract his peers while working.  He displays what it means to be Responsible because he gets right to work and has exceeded by completing two full classes and Part A of a course.  Tariek is Remarkable because he sets an example for his peers and is able to encourage them to make adequate progress.  He also goes above expectations by working from home on a daily basis.

By demonstrating the expectations of RISE, following school procedures and rules, and by taking the initiative to complete his work and build positive relationships, Mr. Porter has what it takes to be our STAR Student of the Month.


Posted on 03/05/2019
Student of the Month January

We would like to congratulate Danielle Mallory for being nominated as our Middle School Star Student of the Month for January. She is an exceptional student here at RISE Ms. MalloryAcademy. Hard work and motivation has created her pathway towards success. When Danielle arrives, she has a routine where she goes to her seat and immediately begins to work. She adheres to ALL of our expectations of being Respectful, Responsible and Remarkable.

Ms. Mallory speaks respectfully to her teachers and peers. She goes above and beyond by assisting her teachers around the building as well as her peers when they need help on assignments. She is responsible with her education by asking for assistance on assignments that she does not understand. She meets or exceeds her weekly goals, has Honor Roll grades, and has been one of the many students that returns her Progress Report folder every Friday. When it comes to an outside assignment, Danielle goes beyond what is expected of her. For example, Danielle discussed how she was going to go all out for her Black History Month project.

Danielle has shown the students, parents and staff at RISE Academy how Remarkable she is when she performed for the school at our Honors Ceremony in December. This young lady has also earned PBIS points from completing classes and following rules and procedures. By doing so, she is able to use the points how she pleases, such as ordering outside food. Danielle is a very mature and social individual representing RISE Academy with 


We would like to congratulate Vaida Glaze for being nominated as our High School Star Student of the Month for January. Each month Vaida has made significant strides in the right direction. She enters our classroom and greets the staff and her peers. From there, she gets right to work. As a result, she exceeds her weekly goals by a long shot. She has fully completed three courses, and she is on her way to completing her Part B classes, too.

Vaida is also willing to help with no questions asked. She has assisted in decorating two of our No Place for Hate Vaida Glaze Bulletin Boards. In addition to the bulletin boards, she also volunteered to help with emailing colleges to request college information and pennants. This task has not been an easy one. She emails with college admissions counselors on a weekly basis to request info, and she keeps a spreadsheet with the info, too! As we get info, she has taken on the responsibility of getting it displayed and keeping it organized.

These are just a few examples of what makes Vaida shine. She is truly a respectful, responsible, and remarkable student!


We would like to congratulate Jaden Blackwell for being nominated as our High School Star Student of the Month for January. Jaden has been an exceptional student here at RISE Academy. His hard work and dedication is reflected through his progress and his grades. Since his start here at RISE, Jaden has excelled academically. After starting at RISE in September of 2018, he quickly completed four part A classes and two full year classes, all before Christmas break.

Jaden Blackwell During the fall semester awards ceremony, Jaden was awarded the Independent Award. He received this award because of the independence he shows during his three hours here.

Jaden also helps with returning the bins and badges to the front office after dismissal. He goes above and beyond by helping any staff member, from moving tables to helping set up our new break room.

He positively exemplifies our three R’s every time he steps foot into our building, showing how a star student should conduct himself or herself every single day. He is respectful to all of the staff; he is responsible by completing his work, and he is remarkable by remaining true to his future success. The way he follows the school’s expectations as well as the expectations he has set for himself is why he is the perfect candidate for January’s Star Student of the Month


Posted on 01/15/2019
Star Student of the Month

Our Middle School Star Student of the Month goes to Carlos V. Please congratulate him when you see him!


Carlos Vallejo has made many strides since being at RISE Academy. When meeting Carlos on the first day of school, he was quiet and soft spoken. As time went along, I began to see a student that was willing to give things a try. Over time, he began to build his confidence and began to show assignments that he had completed independently. You could see how proud he was of himself for making such accomplishments. Carlos even went above and beyond when he took time to work from home on a couple of courses.

Mr. Vallejo is goal oriented. He worked diligently every week to obtain the goal of 5 % in each course and at the end of the semester he completed 80 % in all of his courses.

He exceeded his role as a student by having the Carlos responsibility of getting the laptop for the PBIS store. As his advisor, I noticed that Carlos spoke to adults and peers in a respectful manner. At times, he showed how remarkable he could be when assisting other students in courses that he had been successful in.

Carlos is a student who attends school every day. When there is time given to work on activities outside of his coursework, he enjoys earning the privilege to go to the outdoor classroom and showcasing his artistic ability. Carlos is a great example of a Star Student of the Month.


Our High School Student, TiYanna Stanley was selected for our High School Star Student of the Month. Please congratulate her when you see her! 


TiYannaTiYanna Stanley should be this month’s Star Student as she has grown and matured as a high school student. As TiYanna began working and putting forth great effort, it’s as if a lightbulb of motivation and encouragement went off. Not only did TiYanna begin to ask for help when necessary, but she also started on a path of completing two full classes and two half classes. She is currently in the process of completing all of her classes.

TiYanna has accomplished all of these successes while being a respectable, responsible and remarkable young lady. As a leader in the room, TiYanna is not afraid to hold her classmates accountable and encourage them to do their best.

I have seen TiYanna grow tremendously over the past several months and as her advisor she makes me hopeful about tomorrow’s youth.


Mr. Reed was also selected as our High School Star Student of the Month. Please congratulate him when you see him!


Quintavious Reed is a student that has shown tremendous growth since his initial start here at RISE Academy. It may have taken some time, but he has learned through both observation and first-hand experience on how to be a star student. His actions have actually given him the opportunity to grow into a very mature young man. Adjusting to the rules and expectations may be challenging for some, but Mr. Reed has overcome that challenge.

Respectively, he enters the building and follows all check-in procedures with no hesitation. If he forgets one step in Mr. Reed the process, he corrects it without being told. He takes the time to prepare himself for the day by making sure he has everything he needs before taking a seat in his assigned area; whether it be getting his lunch or extra paper and pencil needed to work in his classes. Once settled, Quintavious begins work immediately and does not hesitate to ask questions when needed.

He goes above and beyond as he helps others around him. He has even made strides in ensuring the well-being of some of his classmates. Mr. Reed has gone the extra to mile to make certain that his courses come first and that everyone he comes in contact with receives the warmth that is given off through his smile. Quin has a great future ahead of him if he continues the route he is on now.


Posted on 12/10/2018
Student of the Month Banner November

Our Middle School Star Student of the Month Award goes to Maggie Snyder!


Maturing is a process that comes on its own time; for most kids, it takes place unknowingly. In the process of reaching maturity, students must learn to both grow and change. Over the course of Maggie Snyder’s time here at RISE Maggie Snyder Academy, she has shown a complete change in her academics and behavior. Additionally, her responsiveness to her peers and the staff here at RISE has grown and improved. This year Maggie has become more open to sharing her achievements, and she has become more involved with student activities. Since the start of the school year, Maggie has completed part A of all four of her classes for the semester while maintaining an A/B average. She has now started working on next semester’s coursework - getting her ahead and prepared for the future. Along with this amazing academic achievement, Maggie’s behavior has become more polished, and she now serves as a role model for her peers who are just now entering into RISE Academy.

Though usually shy, Maggie has learned to be more respectful by greeting all staff members as she enters the building every morning. Without hesitation, Maggie comes in and follows all check-in procedures perfectly and with a positive attitude. She is always responsible, as she comes in and gets started immediately on her work and goes the extra mile in improving her grades. Maggie also displays several characteristics of being remarkable by showing overall honesty and initiative throughout her time at RISE.

When asked to do something, Maggie gets the job done without hesitation. Maggie has definitely worked hard, and in doing so, she demonstrates the true definition of what it takes to be a student at RISE Academy. She has taken her opportunity for second chances and new beginnings and has grown and changed into a positive, hardworking leader.

Our High School Star Student of the Month Award goes to Erica Moss! 


From day one, Erica has exceeded her weekly goals. She enters the building and quickly jumps on getting her work done! She is extremely driven and dedicated to her own success. In fact, Erica has completed all necessary courses for the semester before Thanksgiving Break - maintaining an "A/B" Average. However, she requested another course before the semester is over! She hopes to complete that course by Christmas Break.

Erica MossErica demonstrates all PBIS expectations and follows the rules and procedures of RISE Academy. She does this without reminders. Erica knows what is expected, and she wants to exceed those expectations. Erica is Respectful, not only of adults in the building, but her peers as well. She greets staff members as she enters the building, and usually offers a genuine smile to each person she comes into contact with! Erica demonstrates Responsibility by showing up to school on time, and she is always ready to learn! As soon as she has her computer, she logs into Connexus and works diligently to make progress in her classes. Of course, she also stays focused on keeping her grades up, too! These qualities, in addition to many others, are what also make her Remarkable.

Erica's citizenship is what truly makes her shine! She demonstrates only the best character traits while she is at RISE. She also gives 100% to everything she does. Currently, she is working with a peer to request pennants and college swag from various colleges and universities. This will be used to decorate our building and provide many students with a greater wealth of knowledge about the variety of college options. When the idea was brought to her, she quickly said yes! Just a few days into the project, and she has already reached out to a large number of colleges and universities across the U.S. Additionally, Erica builds positive relationships with her peers. She is encouraging and supporting to those around her.

All of these qualities and many more make Erica an excellent role model for those around her!

Our High School Star Student of the Month Award goes to Kamerone Moreland.


Kamerone is the prime example of a Star Student. He is always respectful when addressing his teachers or fellow Moreland students. He acts remarkable when he helps other students. If others have an issue, he keeps a cool head and assists where he can. He is willing to go the extra mile to help other students and his teachers. Kamerone is on the ball when it comes down to getting all his work done.

He is our go to guy for getting our phones and jackets in the afternoon. He is so awesome that he does not need to be reminded of what is right. His attendance is great which makes him even more reliable. He is always willing to greet you with a smile and a fist bump.

Kamerone RISES above others and is what we look for in a Student of the Month at RISE Academy where second chances become new beginnings.

Posted on 11/26/2018
Student of the Month October Mr. Scott White was selected as our Middle School Student of the Month! 

Mr. White exhibits qualities that we expect every RISE Academy student to exhibit. He gives morning and afternoon greetings, addresses teachers and peers appropriately, and is respectful of the building and procedures. Mr. White may sometimes do work outside of school, but most importantly, he maintains and exceeds  goals that he sets for himself. Mr. White arrived at RISE Academy five weeks after school started. By his second week, he had already made over 25% progress in all of his courses, surpassing students that had been at RISE Scott with Ms. Byrd since the beginning of the school year. Mr. White is well on his way to completing his ELA course and not far from finishing his other courses. He works well independently and will ask for help when needed.

The future RISE Academy student of the month makes sure he returns his progress reports in a timely manner, helps his peers when they become frustrated with a lesson, and knows what it means to be kind to one another. There is a bright future ahead for this young man.


Ms. Courtney Blade was selected as our High School Student of the Month! 

Courtney came to RISE from Ohio and was shocked to learn that she would be attending the "alternative school" in Newton County. This was extremely upsetting for her. For the first week or so, she was quick to give you the cold shoulder and said very little to anyone. However, in just a few short weeks, she began opening up to her peers and RISE staff members.


As the month of October comes to a close, she is an entirely new student, with a very different outlook on her time at RISE (still bitter about missing prom - but takes full responsibility and recognizes why this is). She enters our building and greets all staff members. She has completed two courses and anticipates to complete even more in the very near future.

Courtney with Ms. PayneAdditionally, she sets an example for her peers by having excellent behavior and demonstrating citizenship. She is always on task and working to not only meet, but also exceed her goals. She checks in on other students in the class and has even reached out to a student in the afternoon class to ensure his continued attendance at RISE. Her presence is of great importance, too. She is quick to share her own experiences and lessons learned as a way to motivate other students. She also offers them tips about how they can effectively and efficiently complete course work in Connexus.

These peer interactions are what make her stand out the most! While she is focused on her own success, she is extremely compassionate towards the people around her. She genuinely wants to get to know them and for them to know her. She also EXPECTS for them to succeed. Just today, a new student joined us. She quickly introduced herself and even went on break with him and had a conversation about why she is at RISE and what she has learned from the experience. Within minutes of returning to the room, she quickly offered up kind words to another peer who appeared to be having a bad day.


Mr. Courtney Lee was selected as our High School Student of the Month! 

Courtney enters our building exuberating positive energy on a daily basis —if he has ever had a bad day, you wouldn’t know it. He consistently has a great attitude and greets every adult he passes. Sometimes he will even include a hug! He is not only kind and respectful to teachers, but also to his peers.

His attendance is impeccable, and he arrives early each Courtney with Ms. Perriman day. When he arrives, only after shooting some hoops, he retrieves his computer and begins his work immediately. He has completed two classes this semester, yet continues to work towards meeting his goals. Courtney does anything asked of him, and it is always done with a smile.

He goes above and beyond by taking on additional responsibilities at RISE. He is responsible for putting away the computer in the break room, which he does without interrupting his peers. He was quick to volunteer to help with trash receptacles, and he has continued to assist with the task. Courtney is an excellent example of a RISE Academy Star Student of the Month. 

Posted on 10/16/2018
Student of the Month September


We would like to congratulate three of our RISE Academy Students for be selected as Student of the Month for September! 


Antonio Wise was selected as Student of the Month for High School.  

Academically, Antonio goes above and beyond. He comes in each night, and gets right to work. He does not allow any distractions to take away from his learning. As a result of this dedication, Antonio has completed three classes and Part A of  another class. He is currently working on completing one class! While moving quickly, Antonio has not allowed his grades to slip. He currently maintains an A/ B Average in all Antonio Wise classes. When working with Antonio, he works independently, but is quick to advocate for himself when he sees fit. 

Antonio's behavior is excellent. He comes in and greets his peers. Then he gets right to work. He focuses on completing his classes, which deters him from showing any negative behaviors. He treats the staff and students at RISE with complete respect! 

Antonio demonstrates citizenship on a daily basis. He helps clean up the  learning commons before he leaves, and his quick  to say yes to whatever is asked of him. Additionally, he puts forth 100% effort and does not give up. Sometimes, you may even here him trying to motivate his peers! 


Erin Coleman was selected as Student of the Month for High School. 

Erin Coleman is a Star Student at RISE Academy. He has really taken his academic future seriously this year. Not only does he work steadily during the three-hour afternoon session, Erin Colemanbut also he accomplishes a lot of his work at home before and after school. He has completed five classes since August.

Mr. Coleman demonstrates his commitment to his education without excuses. Many students might balk at even stepping outside in 90-plus degree  weather. Not Erin. He walks almost two miles one-way in our Georgia heat and humidity. He does whatever it takes to get the job done!

Erin is a shining example of being respectful, responsible, and remarkable.


James Martin was selected as Student of the Month for Middle School. 

James is a hard worker, who will help any student in need. He will go out of his way to help his fellow class mates. He has even bought snacks for his fellow students, when they were unable to attend break.

He is a motivated hard worker who is responsible. HeJames Martin makes sure he gets all the groups’ phones and get the classroom ready in the morning when he gets here.

He is remarkable. He makes sure his work is complete and any assigned job is done to the highest of standards. He is respectful. He will always use Sir and Ma’am and tries his best to be as respectful as possible. He is a great example of what is meant to be a RISE Star Student of the Month.

Posted on 10/02/2018
Student of the Month

We would like to congratulate two of our students on winning student of the month for August.

High School Student, TeYanna Stanley , was nominated because of her dedication to succeed at RISE. She meets all of the expectations for academics, behavior, and citizenship. TeYanna comes in each day and works, not only to meet, but exceed her weekly goals. At this point, she has exceeded ALL of her goals. While, she is moving quickly, she continues to pass all of her classes. September HS SOM 

TeYanna stands out the most academically because she sets goals on a daily basis, and she exceeds them! She is also extremely respectful of her peers and RISE staff. TeyAnna follows all rules and procedures of RISE. She demonstrates responsibility 100% of the time. 

While, all of our students are remarkable, TeYanna goes above and beyond to do her

best and be her best each day! 






Middle School Student, Mysiah Brake,was nominated because of her motivation, determination, and diligence. She consistently meets and exceeds expectations here at RISE by being Respectful, Responsible, and Remarkable. She is the first middle school student to complete the first half of 8th grade math.....and she did this within the first month of school! Mysiah also completed her year long science course in less than 6 weeks. At this pace, she may finish her 9th grade credit requirements before the end of the school year.  September MS SOM

Although she certainly earned outdoor Project Based Learning time, she chose to remain in class and finish as many lesson as possible. Her pursuit of educational excellence is an example for our students at RISE Academy! 

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