Rise Academy Students are RESPECTFUL, RESPONSIBLE, and REMARKABLE. When exhibiting these traits, the Three R's, students receive rewards. These rewards works as incentives to motive RISE Academy students to be their VERY BEST every single day!
While, many of our rewards are tangible items or things to do, the one things that we find must is important is consistent positive feedback. Our students are provided positive feedback on a regular basis. They are praised for greeting adults, completing assignments, passing quizzes, pushing in their chair, etc. When praise is give, it is typically followed by PBIS Points. 

PBIS Points are awarded to students that demonstrate the Three R's. These points can later be used to purchase different rewards and participate in various PBIS incentives. Some of the incentives include purchasing snacks and drinks during earned break, listening to music while working, playing basketball on Fridays, painting ceiling tiles,  etc. Students pay to participate in Student and Teacher Painting these incentives using their PBIS points. A few of our more recent a most common PBIS Incentives are listed below! 

  • Purchase various snacks (Pop Tarts, Slim Jims, Blow Pops, donuts, Snickers, Hot Cheetos, Twizzlers, Oreo's, Bubble Gum, Jolly Ranchers, Little Debbie Cakes, Popcorn, Starbursts, etc)
  • Purchase various drinks (Water, Apple Juice, Orange Juice, Fanta, Powerade, etc)
  • Use headphones to listen to music 
  • Friday Basketball
  • Painting Ceiling Tiles
  • Sweet Treat of Choice

As we move further into the semester, we hope to see more and more incentives take place. Keep in mind, our incentives are awarded to students that meet their weekly academic goals. These goals are discussed every Thursday.